Aibara Reed Law Group Launches New Marketing Plan

With a team of experts with over 45 years of experience The Aibara Reed Law Group prides themselves on core values and high ethical standards. Their team offers various areas of law including but not limited to real estate, wills, trusts and estates, personal injury and corporate and small business law. Clients have described Aibara Reed Law Group as having “large firm service with a small firm feel,” we provide care, knowledge and guidance. In keeping up with the ever growing marketing trends Aibara Reed Law Group has decided to launch a new marketing plan. For this scope of work they hired Long Island SEO company, Benjamin Marc.

“When Aibara Reed Law Group called us to handle their SEO marketing plan it was an honor. The vast knowledge, professionalism and overall positivity that the firm gives off is infectious. Being that the firm offers so many areas of law it was evident that we had to set up separate landing pages to explain in depth what this seasoned firm offers. With the remarkable assistance from the firm we split each area of law down to each independent web page. The goal is if an online visitor was to search for a particular area of law they would be directed to their desired destination. The web pages are broken down as such:

and more.

Overall with the clean design of the website and the high quality written content the SEO marketing campaign is running quite well”. Commented Benjamin Marc CEO, Anthony Savino.

Since the launch several website tracking analytical softwares are showing more online visitors coming to the website and staying for a longer duration. This shows overall progress and will also help with brand recognition for the Aibara Reed Law Group. For questions or concerns please feel free to contact our team.