Preparing Your House For Sale



It sure has taken a long time, but the decision is made: you’re going to sell your house. Preparing your home for sale can be an arduous, if not overwhelming undertaking; however, the time and effort you spend preparing for the sale, the easier and more successful the outcome should be.


Here are three important things you should do in advance of selling your house:


Cleanliness is next to godliness!

Take a look at your home as if you are visiting for the first time. Be hypercritical and overly finicky about what you see immediately upon entering. Most of us tend to ignore some of the dust and dirt that accumulates, especially in those “hard to reach” corners. We will even ignore the clutter of shoes or umbrellas sitting by the front door. That might be fine as a resident, but imagine yourself as the buyer. The first impression should not be of an unclean, untidy home that needs “work.” For some potential buyers it may be difficult to view the rest of the house with an open mind. Conduct a deep and thorough cleaning of every room: go under and behind furniture, dust every surface, polish furniture, and clean mirrors and windows. The bathrooms should sparkle and the kitchen without a stain or mark. You will need to maintain this level of cleanliness for the entire period that the house is being shown.


Pay attention to how your house smells

This is not just a realtor’s dirty little trick anymore, folks. Certain smells can evoke a positive response. Cookies baking in the oven, citrus potpourri, fresh flowers, and other inviting smells will make a potential buyer feel like they are entering a cozy, welcoming home. Clean out your refrigerator of anything that might have a pungent odor, consider what you cook before showing your house, and, of course, be sure that any smells particular to animals are taken care of before you begin to show your home.




Minor cosmetic touchups can make a major difference

Not everyone has the time or financial resources to invest in major renovations prior to selling their house. Consider some of the small things that would have a big impact. You might repaint a room a more neutral color, remove oversized furniture that clutters a space, or invest in new lighting options to replace dimly lit parts of the home. Even a simple slipcover or throw pillows can make a room more inviting. Again, a first impression of cleanliness is crucial, so signs of wear are not well received.


One last thing – don’t stop with the inside of your house. Clean up the yard, organize the entryway, have your Realtor hang an Open House sign out front, and get ready for your buyers. Good luck!


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